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Golf Club Management and Meet The Editor

Golf Club Management (GCM) is, as well as this website, a monthly print magazine that has been the official journal of the UK’s Golf Club Managers’ Association since 1935. It is the longest-running golf trade magazine in Europe and is the market leader.

While it has always been a forum for golf club managers and those involved in running golf clubs – including owners, members and employees of golf clubs as well as the game’s governing bodies – to discuss industry trends and help each other with the threats and opportunities they face, due to a substantial increase in golf clubs in the 1990s followed by the economic downturn in 2008, the magazine has in recent years been more of a showcase of best practice revenue-generating examples in golf than ever before.

For example, Golf Club Management has reported on numerous clubs that have increased membership levels following, for instance, innovative marketing campaigns, administration restructuring, reciprocal membership schemes or from offering free coaching to beginners.

The magazine has also looked at the additional revenue streams clubs can turn to so they are not too reliant on golf income, and has therefore, for example, covered the hosting of weddings and conferences and detailed government payouts for environmental initiatives.

GCM has also explored how clubs can reduce costs – and often the time spent by managers on projects – and has showcased the potential of, for example, buying groups, alternative course management procedures and the use of electronic media.

Aside from profit-boosting ideas, the magazine publishes monthly articles from experts in the fields of law, accountancy, food and beverage, interior design and so on, in an effort to cover every aspect of a club manager’s job. It also provides profiles of, interviews with and articles by the leading figures in the industry, especially successful golf club managers, covering a diverse range of topics, from, for instance, how a defibrillator saved a golfer’s life to the techniques deployed by greenkeepers in using less water to irrigate their golf courses more effectively.

The website, meanwhile, provides up-to-date news stories of what is going on in the industry in a bid to inform the marketplace of any important developments.

As the industry and the association continue to move forward, Golf Club Management will make sure its readers are not left behind.

Golf Club Management is published by Union Press Limited, a specialist publisher of business-to-business journals with publications in the areas of golf and the drinks trade.

A history of Golf Club Management can be found here.

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Meet the editor – Alistair Dunsmuir

Having graduated from the University of Southampton with a 2:1 degree in Modern History and Politics with Philosophy in the 1990s, Alistair undertook postgraduate NCTJ training and, as a freelance journalist, saw a number of his articles printed in publications such as the Daily Telegraphthe GuardianRed Pepper and on the BBC. In 2000 he was appointed as editor of Local Government News and over the next three years interviewed the likes of Ken Livingstone, Mo Mowlam and Charles Kennedy. It was during this period that he first became involved with golf; writing about the management of municipal golf courses.

In 2003 he moved to financial institution Aon as a senior corporate journalist. Here, he reported on socio-economic trends, threats and opportunities, which was used to increase the revenue streams available to Aon and reduce costs for its clients.

In 2005 Alistair became only the eighth person to edit Golf Club Management, the official journal of the GCMA since 1935. Since then he has worked with hundreds of golf club managers, professional golfers, industry suppliers and experts to report on trends, threats and opportunities to golf clubs.