‘How to grow golf in the UK’ report is published

Jenny Yu
By Jenny Yu April 24, 2014 10:15

‘How to grow golf in the UK’ report is published

A new study that aims to help golf clubs and courses retain, attract and grow their customer base has been published.


Growing Golf in the UK has been commissioned by Syngenta and undertaken by GfK, one of the world’s largest market research firms. A summary report of the comprehensive research is available to download free of charge from: www.greencast.co.uk.

The report will also be distributed with the May issue of Golf Club Management magazine.

A total of 3,622 UK residents participated in the study, including 1,477 golfers and 2,145 non-golfers and lapsed players.

“As a company, we are interested in the long-term sustainability of golf and wanted this research to be used by golf clubs and courses to help retain existing customers, attract new players and, ultimately, grow golf,” explained Simon Elsworth, Syngenta head of Turf and Landscape (EAME).

“A number of key themes emerged from the research that are important and relevant to clubs and courses. Specifically, customers talked about their desire for relaxed, family-friendly facilities. They also wanted greater flexibility both in terms of membership options and less formal dress codes, and the freedom to do things such as use a smartphone in the clubhouse and on the course.”

What makes Growing Golf in the UK different is its additional focus on non-golfers and lapsed players. The survey posed detailed questions to this segment of the market to understand their perceptions of golf, why they had left the sport and what would encourage them to take-up or restart the game.

The research also highlighted significant opportunities around female and youth participation. Syngenta has now commissioned a follow-up study, which will be presented at the HSBC Golf Business Forum in Abu Dhabi in April.

Simon Elsworth added: “We hope the findings will be used as insights for, and solutions to, the challenges faced by clubs and courses.”

To download the summary report of Growing Golf in the UK, visit www.greencast.co.uk 


Jenny Yu
By Jenny Yu April 24, 2014 10:15

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