England Golf joins anti wind turbines campaign

Jenny Yu
By Jenny Yu March 21, 2014 11:44

England Golf joins anti wind turbines campaign

England Golf has joined a campaign opposed to the construction of two giant wind turbines in Shropshire. The governing body has said that turbines near golf courses have a detrimental effect on golfers and are bad for clubs’ businesses.


Shrewsbury Golf Club is opposed to two giant wind turbines being built

The 35-metre tall turbines, earmarked for countryside land in Condover, will be just over 100 metres from Shrewsbury Golf Club, and their noise and visual impact could lead to members leaving the facility, say club officials.

England Golf, the body that runs amateur golf in England, has said noise from the turbines’ blades and ‘strobe-like’ problems with shadows when the sun is out would be problematic.

Paul Keeling, club services manager for England Golf, added: “In our experience the sighting of large wind turbines adjacent to a golf course has a detrimental effect on the experience of participants to the sport.

“Golf is a game played in a peaceful and generally rural environment, with high levels of concentration required at the point of taking a shot.

“Both of these recognised wind turbine issues will diminish the enjoyment of both the regular playing members and visitors to the club, which could result in a potential loss of revenue to the golf club business.”

The scheme is linked to a green farm where permission has been granted for a nearby 35,000-panel solar farm. Each turbine would have the potential to produce 215,000kW hours per year.

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Anthony Rowe, secretary of Shrewsbury Golf Club, agreed that the plans would be bad for his business.

He said: “The objection to the proposed development is made on the grounds of unacceptable visual and noise impacts creating distraction to the players of Shrewsbury Golf Club.”


Jenny Yu
By Jenny Yu March 21, 2014 11:44

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