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‘Preferential treatment’ complaint over new members

27th January, 2014 by Tania Longmire

Existing members of a Durham golf club that has recruited several golfers from a neighbouring facility that went into liquidation have complained that the new members are getting preferential treatment.


Woodham Golf and Country Club, which closed last year. Members of nearby Oakleaf Golf Complex have complained that Woodham’s former members are receiving preferential treatment

One member at Oakleaf Golf Complex, Paul Roe, has told The Northern Echo that he is unable to play at his usual tee time for the next few months because former members of Woodham Golf and Country Club, which closed last year, have been allowed to block book tee times.

Previously this was not possible as tee times could not be booked more than a week in advance. However, the policy was changed to allow about 40 former members of Woodham to play at Oakleaf.

The owner of the golf course has said allowing the block booking for the next few months was “appropriate” due to the income received.

Mr Roe said he has played with his son at 9.30am on a Wednesday, every week for the last four years, but that slot has now been taken. Other times on that day or other days would be inconvenient or not possible, he said.

“We are being unfairly discriminated against,” he said.

Andrew Bailey, clerk of Great Aycliffe Town Council, which owns the course, said: “We deliberately did not give the booking between 8am and 8.30am to enable other golfers to tee off early morning and obviously again at 10am.

“Whilst I can understand Mr Rowe’s concern that he cannot have the exact tee time that he has been used to, as you will appreciate, from an income point of view and to reduce the subsidy on the golf complex, it was felt that this was the most appropriate action.”

The Northern Echo added that Oakleaf has seen membership rise ‘significantly’ since Woodham closed.


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2 comments on “‘Preferential treatment’ complaint over new members

  1. Tanny The Golfer (@TannyTheGolfer) on said:

    ‘Preferential treatment’ complaint over new members: Existing members of a Durham golf club have complained th…

  2. Ray Rudd on said:

    This is what happens when Councils run courses. They look very short term yes the money is there now but what happens when the existing members get fed up and leave. In a few months time there could be a hole in the income. It would have been better to allow booking two weeks in advance first come first serve. Instead of integrating the membership they are now isolated and if they leave they would probably do it on block which could have devastating effects.

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