Club to employ ‘live-in’ security guard

Jenny Yu
By Jenny Yu December 18, 2013 11:02

Club to employ ‘live-in’ security guard

A Shropshire golf club is to employ someone who will live at the club in a bid to prevent possible break-ins and boost security.


Oswestry Golf Club, which hopes to have a residential security guard

The employee will act as a night watchman.

Oswestry Golf Club has been granted planning permission that removes restrictions on who could live in the building behind the clubhouse. Previously it had to be only the steward of the club, but now it can be anyone.

The club has been concerned about security following a break-in in September, and reports that a number of nearby properties have also been attacked.

Malcolm Smith, club chairman, said: “Following a spate of criminal activity in and around the golf club we realise that we need the house at rear to be occupied to provide security to the site.

“In 1985 we had the house built to accommodate a steward and stewardess. We want to have someone living there to help out with the bar and so on, and also be a night watchman.”

John Evans, club secretary, added: “There’s been a spate of burglaries in rural areas recently and it’s normal to have someone living on site.”


Jenny Yu
By Jenny Yu December 18, 2013 11:02
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  1. ilir agaraj February 23, 09:26

    This is brilliant idia to prevent burglary!

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