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Defibrillator firm is marketing to golf venues

21st November, 2013 by Jenny Yu

A defibrillator company is marketing to golf venues in an effort to get more of the machines to save more golfers’ lives.

defibThe news comes as Bernard Gallacher has said he will lead a campaign to get more of the electric shock delivering devices, also known as AEDs, in golf clubs – after one saved his life following a heart attack.

A spokesman for Aero Healthcare UK said: “For every minute of delay in sudden cardiac arrest, there is a 10 percent decrease in chance of survival, which is why clubs cannot rely upon simply calling for assistance in times of extreme emergency.

“Without a HeartSine Samaritan 500P device on-course, your AED could leave you vulnerable in terms of one of the important links in the chain of survival – CPR.

“The HeartSine Samaritan 500P in the only device that can ensure that your compressions are in fact effective and specific to each individual victim. No other AED devices can provide victim specific information.

“There is a vast difference of required pressure between victims [between 10kg pressure and 70kg pressure for adults], which is the downfall of older technology.

“This has been achieved by using patented ICG technology, which has been clinically tested in 180 real life cardiac arrests, with 95 percent correlation to good compressions.

“Despite disguised claims, there is no other AED that can offer equivalent technology. There is no substitute for this life-saving technology.”

The spokesman added that the brain and other organs desperately need oxygen to function. Blood carries the oxygen to these organs. Once the heart has stopped, you have to manually get it pumping. Inadequate chest compressions simply do not succeed in distributing the blood through to the tiny blood vessels in these organs, he said.

“A defibrillator is one of the four links in the chain of survival. For example, after the first shock is given, you administer two minutes of CPR before delivering another shock if the heart beat has not returned or, if the defibrillator does not shock the victim, good compressions may maintain the victim for longer, possibly until emergency services arrive.”


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