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AED firm offers golf clubs 10% discount

25th November, 2013 by Jenny Yu

One of the UK’s biggest suppliers of defibrillators has said it will provide a ten percent discount to any golf club that purchases one by January 2014.

laerdalThe news from Philips / Laerdal comes as Bernard Gallacher has said he will lead a campaign to get more of the devices into golf clubs, after one was used to save his life.

“Sudden cardiac arrest – it’s something none of us really think about,” said a spokesman for Laerdal. “Why would we? We know it happens – usually to someone else. So why give it a moment’s thought?

“But here’s the problem. It can happen anywhere, anytime. Maybe to someone you know or to someone you don’t.

“So, if a friend, colleague or stranger collapsed and you suspected you were witnessing a heart attack, would you be able to help or would you feel utterly helpless? You would rightly call 999 for an ambulance, but what could you do while you were waiting?

“A lot more than you think and yes, you could save a life?

“That’s why, if you would like to purchase a Philips FRx defibrillator for your golf club, please call the Laerdal team on 01689 876634, option 3, or email Please quote ‘Golf Club Management’ for a 10 percent discount off your order.”

The spokesman added that according to the British Heart Foundation, there are 103,000 heart attacks in the UK each year, with one in three people who have a heart attack dying before reaching the hospital. Increasingly, there is a call for more Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) to be placed in public places in an effort to impact and improve patient outcomes, he said.

“An AED is a small device which by simply turning ‘on’ will activate voice prompts telling you clearly what to do from delivering CPR to an electric shock,” added the Laerdal spokesman.

“Why have one? Because from the moment of collapse, every minute counts. After four minutes, chances of survival decrease 10 percent every minute. So, what are the chances if you don’t have one?

“The Philips FRx takes you through the life-saving defibrillation procedures step-by-step. Designed to help those in the community to help others, you don’t have to be a doctor to use one – far from it!”


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  1. SilvioTheGolfGuy (@SilvioTheGolfGu) on said:

    AED firm offers golf clubs 10% discount – One of the UK’s biggest suppliers of defibrillators has said it will…

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    AED firm offers golf clubs 10% discount #AED

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