Two Leeds clubs are saved for a year

Emma Williams
By Emma Williams January 18, 2013 11:27

Two Leeds clubs are saved for a year

MiddletonTwo municipal Yorkshire golf courses that were about to be closed down have been given a 12-month reprieve in order to explore options.

A report by Leeds City Council recommended shutting Middleton Park and Gotts Park golf clubs, which both make losses, in order to cut costs.

However, councillors have decided to wait a year before any decision is made. Over the course of those 12 months the council will work with the two golf clubs about how they can change in order to offer new services to the local community and / or be less reliant on public funding.

Chairman of Middleton Park Golf Club, Ian Bertiem said: “We are delighted to receive news that we have been given a 12-month reprieve.

“We are in no doubt that we have a tough year ahead to try and keep our course open and we look forward to working in partnership with the city council to look at new ways of working that hopefully will secure the future of our golf course here at Middleton Park.”

Chairman of Gotts Park Golf Club, Alan Walls, added: “Everyone one at Gotts Park is looking forward to working closely with Leeds City Council. We hope to see our collective vision of a packed golf course and a secure and sustainable future realised in the coming years.”

Councillor Mark Dobson explained that the situation for the clubs remains grave unless they change.

“The current position at both courses is that user numbers are declining, meaning that in the context of the severe financial challenges faced by the council, they are unsustainable,” he said. “It is therefore vital that new ways of delivering this service are explored.

“However, following positive initial discussions with users and those involved at Gotts Park and Middleton golf courses around a range of community based initiatives which could possibly be pursued, we have decided to delay making any changes for 12 months to allow further consultation to take place.”


Emma Williams
By Emma Williams January 18, 2013 11:27
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    » Two Leeds clubs are saved for a year

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